A Party 3.0



6 St Johns Ln, New York, NY 10013


To MATTE, NFT.NYC is a celebration of the expansive world of WEB3. We strive to engage our community with the power of technology by tapping trusted partners, P00LS and Aluna ($FEVER), and curating thoughtful experiences that empower artists and creatives to create within the decentralized world.

"A Party 3.0 with P00LS and Aluna"-- a concoction of sorts with a desire to take things to where they once were, an orchestra of beautiful eccentricities. Let's call it a raucous throwback but for the future.

​Featuring DJ sets from: ALUNA, REO and SPECIAL GUESTS.

​In Partnership with P00LS- the leading community-first, decentralized exchange for creator cryptocurrencies- and Aluna's $FEVER token.

​Digital experience by Coral. Party powered by LUKSO and its affiliated community.